Puffin Squads - How we roll (MadLib)

Hi, I’m Mad Librarian (MadLib) from Puffin Squads, home of the underdogs. We pillage for the oppressed!

Puffin Squads organises public fleets - and now we also opened our corps as a transitional home for old and new players - alphas are welcome! So if you know any returning players, alts or alphas who want to slowly get (back) into the game, point them to our corp. The Corp will be there as a stable home to park chars, hang out, do EVE stuff and provide the backbone to organise it all.

So how do we roll? We organise along deployments where we try to support the underdogs in conflicts by running public fleets into the regions. This means that people will join for a deployment and - if they like the region and the alliances we support - perhaps stay with them when we move on to the next. That is also why you will find recruiters and people that atm are shooting back on our discord.

First Deployment: Providence! Check out the shocking deployment vid… and get some info on Fits and staging. Also: this propaganda vid for the first deployment:

You want to know more? I woud be happy to get a crazy bunch of people together to run it with. We want to have fun playing EVE and reduce the management stuff to the bare minimum. Just shoot me an eve-mail, if you want to join! You can also join our public Discord and get more info on this blog (puffinsquad blogspot com).

Cheers and happy hunting,



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