Shoot those Roids - Mining Guides for EVE Online

One of the most Zen PVE activities in EVE certainly is mining, especially ice mining. But I digress.

It is the first steady income stream besides ratting and helps newbies to get their first cruisers and battlecruisers up and running. So it is only fitting that we have collected the links to the best guides:

A great start is the guide from EVE University - Asteroids_and_ore: "Asteroids are large irregular chunks of rock that can be found in many places throughout New Eden. When mined, asteroids yield ore which, when refined, produces minerals of various types that serve as the basic building blocks of almost every craftable item." Also look at the EVE Uni Guide Mining 101.

But fear not, there are a lot more guides on how to optimize your yield, get into the right ships and get the right skills to really make mining profitable:

Happy roid shooting!


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