Meet the Thrasher

As the thrasher is our corp workhorse, we wanted to give you some resources on this little and versatile ship:

The thrasher can be used as an arty plattform and is great fun as a brawler with autoguns. It can also be used to great effect as a salvage boat.

Fits can be found over at O.smium or at the Spectre Fleet Page:

Generally the thrasher is relatively fast, cheap and easy to fly - the perfect boat for our roams!

Thrasher. Copyright CCP.
EVE University has a great wiki with all the latest information on the ship and also has basic fits for the ship. Futher fits can be found in Osmium or you look at the killboards for relevant fits (e.g. Goon's infamous Burn Jita Thrasher).

The Team at EveProGuides has a nice series on solo PVP and also featured the Thrasher there: Your First Kill in a Thrasher – Solo PVP Guide. Lazy people can just click the video below:


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