The short and dirty Newbies Post

When asked what a 3 day old newbie should do to really land in New Eden, Mauti404 over at r/eve had some great advice we also want to share here:

This is a copy / pasted message, but fell free to answer it if you have any questions.

  • First of all, take the time to do the career agent missions. It will show you many things in the game (exploration, mining, industry, hauling, etc). 
  • Then, well Eve is a sandbox, so you will need to figure out what you want to do. As a new player, you are not strictly limited, but what ever you do, Eve can be dull and boring, mechanics are complex at first because of the amount of information you need to learn but once you understand them it's generally a lot easier. What ever you want to do, try to have fun or enjoy the complex interactions mechanics are creating, so basically don't grind isk for the sake of grinding isk.
  • Want to explore the stars alone ? Buy an exploration frigate, a cloaking device and go around the stars looking for data and relic sties. Maybe join a WH corp and enjoy space where frontiers change everyday, and need scanning on a daily basis. There are some newbie friendly WH corps that can teach you the way of Bob.
  • Want to join one of the large nullsec empire ? Join TEST, Pandemic Horde, Karmafleet or Brave. They are all well known newbie friendly corporation/alliance and they will give you free ships, a place in fleet, and people are generally willing to teach you. They also offer good opportunities for new players to make isk (exploration and salvaging mainly).
  • Overwelmed by large organization but still want to join an active PvP corp ? Try and look for a small faction warfare corp or alliance, there are plenty of them and they will also guide you, get you a place in fleet and you will enjoy endless content.
  • Want to settle in a bit more in "security" ? Run some combat mission in HS. But try not to do that, really.
  • Want to become the space Rockfeller ? Look into market, region trading, and all the shit. You won't blow space ships but if you enjoy raw data, data analysis (like, real data analysis) this is your thing. Isk revenue is potentially infinite.
  • Want to mine rocks and turn them into modules, ships, ammunitions ? Start mining and industry. Pro tip, don't do it alone in HS you don't have a single chance, join Goons( = Karmafleet), nullsec have way more valuable ore and Goons are basically the safest most organized industry in the game.
  • Want to build your own corp ? Build it with some friends, maybe to industry, or PvE, or PvP. My 5 isk : FW is a really good way to make isk and have some fight for new players. Low class WH can also be interesting. 
A short list of advice :
  • This is your bible
  • right clic EVERYTHING.
  • Eve is a sand box, figure out what you want to have fun doing and don't bother what other thinks. There is no right way to play Eve.
  • Eve is also a dangerous game. Don't use ships you can't afford to loose. Both players and NPCs can wreck you quite fast, even later in the game when you will fly big expensive ships.
  • People will kill you. No matter where you are, people can and will kill you, even in high security space. HS is actually the worst place to be, because you think everyone is friendly when it's really not the case. Outside, it's a lot more easier, everyone is your enemy.
  • The very same people that will kill you can also be the same people that will explain to you why you died if you ask them. People in the game are generally friendly and don't mind teaching new players.
  • Don't get attached to your ships.
  • Eve shine when played with other people. Don't be afraid of recruitment policies, knock at the door, join a corp, have fun with others.
  • Learn of your mistakes, don't get angry. If you died, it's your fault.

That was the post. We think it will help a lot to get into the game. If you are searching for more guide, the FAQ/guide section at this blog is your friend. Also look at the Golden Rules for EVE for absolute Newbies.


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