Provi: Infos on the first deployment Part 1

You all heard or saw it [video] - First deployment: Provi. Join our Discord: .

We will use the bomber's bar version: fleets will be announced in channel "PuffinFleets" and people x up to be invited. We will have 2 flavors, if we have enough people:

  • a newbie friedly roam in frigs and dessies, especially the thrasher
  • and a pro-fleet in alpha gnosis.

Staging is Kheram, prob. sometimes Esa for the newbie roams.

I would also make this a community project, so basically puffin command has a fixed time to announce a fleet, if they cannot because they are bitten in the ass by RL, anyone can form. Make us proud! Pillage for the Oppressed and support the underdogs.

DRAGON-Fleets ("Thrashers"): Thrasher-Fits will be based upon your skills ( There are 2 variants  that will be called, so you should have those ready to switch: Arty/Autogun or Afterburner AB/Microwarpdrive MW.

Close range will be called AngryDragonFleets and mid range WindDragonFleets. Examples for fits are the close range T1 Autogun MW fit Pure T1 Thrasher (, close range AB Arty fit Fleet thrasher ( or the mid-range Arty-fits ( There are a few specialized fits like insta-lockers ( that might be called. A bubbler and some frig-scouts are always welcome, too.

WHALE-Fleets ("Gnosis"): Gnosis fleets will be based upon the Alpha-Spectre-fleets ( They are what we want to train into for larger engagements. If you cannot fly anything else, use a cane.


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